How to get your military spouse involved in your child’s life when deployed

It’s hard enough acting as a single parent when your significant other is absent from the home. After a few deployments though couples learn how to cope with the separation. However, little kids don’t completely understand why mommy or daddy just “go away” for a while. It’s always a heartbreaker when you’re a military wife and your child asks “Where’s daddy?” and vice versa. One of the biggest fears military parents have about their kids, is being forgotten. Eventually, they’ll understand the sacrifice that mommy or daddy makes when duty calls. Still, how do you keep the other parent involved when they’re not present? Here are some tips.

1. Keep a picture out of your military spouse and talk about them often. It’s important for the child to understand that their other parent is still a part of their life even when they’re not home. Also, this will help the child to remember what their absent parent looks like, so that when homecoming finally arrives, your child will recognize who they are. Nothing hurts more than to not be recongnized by your own child. So you’re not just benifiting you child but your spouse too.

2. Letter writing and phone calls are very important and can be very rare. Even if your child is too young to write a letter, you can have them draw a picture (even if it’s scribbles) and have them send it to mommy or daddy. Getting a picture in return, will put a smile on their face. Also, if they can’t hold a conversation on the phone, you can alway just let them hear your spouse’s voice tell them that they are loved and missed.

3. Video is also a great way to get your spouse involved. Plus, I’m sure your spouse won’t mind a friendly tour around the house or neighborhood to remind them what they have waiting for them at home.

4. Make a countdown! We’ve seen the 25 day countdown until christmas. Why not a countdown to your spouse’s arrival home. This helps give your child a realistic idea of how long they will be gone and when they’re coming home. Plus, let’s face it. Countdowns are fun! It’s a way to get you and your child all excited for that family reunion!

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas? Please leave a comment. We’d all love to hear it!

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