How to make a quick and healthy meal for your kids

Let’s face it, Veggie Tales only gets kids to eat their vegetables for so long. Between work, parent teacher confrences and soccer practice, it’s hard enough having the time to fix up dinner for the family. Never mind trying to find the extra time to make sure your family is getting a healthy meal. Here are some quick recipes to help all those busy moms and dads out there.

"Mini Pizzas"

Mom and Dad don’t have to make dinner tonight! Mini pizza are fun and easy to make for the whole family. The kids will definitely have a blast with this. All you need are these ingredients…

  • Pizza crust (wheat)
  • Pizza sauce (low sugar)
  • Cheese (low fat)
  • Whatever topping you want (veggies)


Easy! Just create your tasty little pizzas just the way you want. Heat the oven to 400F to 425F, bake for 10 to 12 minutes, and wallah! You and your family are ready to sit down to a healthy and tasty dinner the whole family will love!

"Healthy Tacos"'

That’s right, tacos can be healthy too! Plus, it’s another finger friendly food, which is great for kids not quite old enough to use the fork. All you need are these ingredients…

  • Taco shells (corn)
  • Ground beef or turkey (both)
  • Cheese (low fat)
  • Salsa
  • Veggies
  • Taco Beef Seasoning
  • Sour cream (low fat)


Heat up your meat until brown. Then add the Taco Seasoning and 1/3 cups of water. Then just set all your ingredients on the table and finite! Your tasty dinner is ready for eating!

"Mini Sliders"

Isn’t there just something so cute when foods go mini? Well it’s easier and faster to make too. Grill or fry up some mini burgers in a flash and have your kids just begging for more when they try these little delectables. All you need are these ingredients…

  • Ground Beef or Turkey (both)
  • Tiny Buns (wheat)
  • Veggies
  • Condiments


Don’t be afraid to experiment. No one says you can’t sneak some pureed veggies into that hamburg. Plus it might give a the flavor a little zing. Just heat up your mini patties and add your own spices and seasoning. Now just set everything out on the table and let your kids build their own mini sliders!


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